collection Autumn/Winter 2020 , 3 weeks ago
by Renita
Cheers- Fashion set
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Michelle858, 2 weeks ago

Renita smile Yes. Just the right sort of creepy for my tolerance - LOL ! Isn't he the one who illustrated for The New Yorker magazine and originated The Addams Family - I think that was him.

Renita , 2 weeks ago

Michelle858 Definitely! I can see that the illustrations have the same look as this dress. My daughter has many of the Edward Gorey books. He is the illustrator of the creepy art used in the credits. His books are creepy but funny.

Renita , 2 weeks ago

Thank you! xo Danijela MarinaSyd

MarinaSyd, 2 weeks ago


Danijela , 2 weeks ago

beautiful and elegant, love it ❤

Michelle858, 3 weeks ago

Renita The audio and video quality is poor but I think you'll recognize it

dgia, 3 weeks ago

So amazing look.fantastic booties!

JelNik, 3 weeks ago


HalfMoonRun, 3 weeks ago

Amazingly elegant styling. Perfect choice of accessories. pretty set.

Renita , 3 weeks ago

Michelle858 I'm not sure if I do remember, I know I've watched that show I just can't remember the opening credits. Anyway, I'm glad you like the set. I saw the dress and fell in love with it.

Renita , 3 weeks ago

Thanks for commenting! xo lemo Enchanticals justmetwo BeBeauty Helenelle

Helenelle, 3 weeks ago

Wow! So chic!

BeBeauty, 3 weeks ago

fantastic ♥♥

justmetwo, 3 weeks ago

All very elegant & sip sip ♥

Enchanticals , 3 weeks ago


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