Cette Chanson Qui Joue Et Joue Encore Dans Ma Tête

collection Autumn/Winter 2020Street Style, 4 weeks ago
by HalfMoonRun
Cette Chanson Qui Joue Et Joue Encore Dans Ma Tête- Fashion set
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Comments (13)



JelNik, 3 weeks ago


DiscoMermaid , 3 weeks ago

A lovely set!

Marina71100, 3 weeks ago

Every single work and all the work together is a miracle !!!

Renita , 3 weeks ago

Amazing, as always! Love Nirvana!

MarinaSyd, 4 weeks ago

Perfect! Love this!!!)

BeBeauty, 4 weeks ago

excellent smile

Doozer , 4 weeks ago

Marvelous Darling!! XXO

Anne Irene , 4 weeks ago

Totally fabulous !!!! ❤️

Kate O, 4 weeks ago

Fun & Funky !!

dgia, 4 weeks ago

Toutes mes felicitations!

Michelle858, 4 weeks ago

Next time someone says to me "You're wearing big clothes" I will show them Ewa's and your sets and let them know that over-sized is in ! LOL ! ! ! This outfit and the one she's wearing is MARVELOUS !

Danijela, 18.12.1977. , 4 weeks ago

this is so cool, love it all ❤️

sator, 4 weeks ago

I adore this look and set, love the grunge-rock vibes and the song of course; fantastic, as always!

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