A Nod to the Southwest

collection Autumn/Winter 2020Autumn, 2 months ago
by Kate O
A Nod to the Southwest - Fashion set
24 NOV 2020 ~ I Love the New Mexico and Arizona landscapes, but not the heat !! I spent "one" Christmas in Tuscan and the Temp at 7am on Christmas Day was 90 degrees and Thanksgiving isn't any better !! Not what I was used too for sure !!

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Comments (15)



Niwi , 2 months ago

smile I guess so !

Kate O, 2 months ago

Thanks ever so much Sweet Friends !!
Renita ~ heart
Niwi ~ Some areas can take your breath away !! It's a totally different kind of beauty, so wild and quite dangerous !! xoxo !!

Renita , 2 months ago

Perfect set design and style.

Niwi , 2 months ago

Those landscapes must be wonderful endeed ! Love this too Kate, especially the Jacket !
Hugs Kate xoxo

Kate O, 2 months ago

Thank You !!

Michelle858, 2 months ago

Super awesome smile

Kate O, 2 months ago

Thanks Bunches !!

HalfMoonRun, 2 months ago

Gorgeous styling with its wonderful colours. Splendidly creative set.

Kate O, 2 months ago

Thanks Ladies !!
Marina Dusanic
peewee PV

Marina Dusanic, 2 months ago

peewee PV, 2 months ago

such a great fall look

Kate O, 2 months ago

Thanks Lovely Ladies !!

justmetwo, 2 months ago

Fabulous,love the outfit ♥

countrycuz, 2 months ago

great look

beautifulplace, 2 months ago

super lovely set! heart

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