Your Turn to Shine !!

collection Autumn/Winter 2019Glamour, 2 years ago
by Kate O
Your Turn to Shine !!- Fashion set
12 NOV 2019 ~ At least once in a lifetime everyone deserves to shine !! Just like the littlest stars in the heavens shine bright so can you !!
~ For Ava, my shining Star !! ~

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Comments (14)


Niwi , 2 years ago

;-) xoxo

Kate O, 2 years ago

Niwi - She is my shining star, especially tonight in the play !! xoxo

Niwi , 2 years ago

Gorgeous set for Ava smile Perfect to shine at some eve!
Hugs sweetie ! xo

Kate O, 2 years ago

Hugs & Thanks Sweet Friends !!

beautifulplace, 2 years ago

Brilliant & chic styling! ❤️

BeBeauty, 2 years ago

chic party style smile

Misshonee, 2 years ago

Absolutely Amazing ❤

neverorever , 2 years ago

This is so elegant and beautiful...Amazing outfit and set-layoutheart

Kate O, 2 years ago

Thanks Bunches Sweet Friends !!

JelNik, 2 years ago

Beautiful outfit and layout!

HalfMoonRun, 2 years ago

FABULOUS, both styling and set ☆

Kate O, 2 years ago

Thanks so much Sweet Friends!!
Michelle858 - heart

Doozer , 2 years ago

Gorgeous Sweetie!! XXO

Michelle858, 2 years ago

So very beautiful ! You and Ava are stars forever, Kate heart

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