The Beginning of Change . . .

collection Autumn/Winter 2019Autumn, 6 days ago
by Kate O
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The Beginning of Change . . .- Fashion set
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Kate O, 4 days ago

Hugs & Thanks Vero !! xoxo

Niwi , 5 days ago

Superb Kate! And the landscape behind are awesome too!

Kate O, 5 days ago

Thanks !!

cilita , 5 days ago

Super! Adore!!

Kate O, 5 days ago

Thanks Lovely Ladies !!
peewee PV

Janochka, 6 days ago

Great colors!

peewee PV, 6 days ago


Kate O, 6 days ago

Thanks Bunches my Sweet Friends !!
beautifulplace ~ too kind !! xoxo
Kathie C
HalfMoonRun ~ hugs !!

dgia, 6 days ago

Great idea this road trip,with this outfit you will look amazing! xxx

beautifulplace, 6 days ago

Wow, I just love your style!! Always amazing and stylish! ♥️

BeBeauty, 6 days ago

super ♥

Kathie C, 6 days ago

So great!

HalfMoonRun, 6 days ago

Very beautiful styling (LOVE plaid clothing and the colours). So pretty and inviting "to take the road and get away from the city" set.

10 SEP 2019 ~ When the foliage has changed I love to take a road trip to the Foothills of the Sierra Mountain Range. We have some spectacular Autumn colors, just like the New England States !!

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