Season of the Soul

collection Autumn/Winter 2019Autumn, 9 months ago
by Kate O
 Season of the Soul  - Fashion set
04 OCT 2019 ~ Autumn is a time of soul searching, reassessing, reflection & hopefully growth in wisdom & understanding. Autumn has always been a Peaceful Season for me.

Have a Peaceful and Blessed Autumn !!

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Comments (13)


Kate O, 9 months ago

Aww, Thanks Hon !!

neverorever , 9 months ago

astonishing heart

Kate O, 9 months ago

Hugs & Thanks Sweet Friends !!
peewee PV

Doozer , 9 months ago

FABulous Kate!! XXO

KateGWest, 9 months ago

ab fab ...

HalfMoonRun, 9 months ago

Perfect styling to be stylish by a beautiful autumn day.

peewee PV, 9 months ago


Kate O, 9 months ago

Niwi ~ I guess I do !! Hugs !!

Niwi , 9 months ago

Hehe! It prooves you actually like the dress ;-)

Kate O, 9 months ago

Thank You my Lovely Friends !! Appreciate all your nice comments !!
Niwi ~ we are Kindred spirits when it come to Autumn for sure !! I don't wear "high" heels anymore !! Liked the jacket and after I posted this set I realized I had used the dress before !! Oh Well, even the Duchess recycles her wardrobe sometimes !! =D

Michelle858, 9 months ago

Fabulous style, Kate heart heart

Niwi , 9 months ago

For me too... smile
I like this jacket very much and the bag is so graphic ! The dress looks soft and comfy, shoes are some elegant beauties, though I couldn't wear them. Pretty autumn set sweetie.
Have a nice Saturday ! xoxo

beautifulplace, 9 months ago

Wonderful look! I love Autumn, it's my favorite season! heart

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