In " PRADA "

collection Autumn/Winter 2019Autumn, 9 months ago
by Kate O
In " PRADA "   - Fashion set
12 NOV 2019 ~ A Favorite movie with two of my Favorite Actresses !! It is worth watching again and again !!

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Comments (14)


Kate O, 9 months ago

Thanks Kate !! Seems there are quite a few tM Gals who love this movie also !!

KateGWest, 9 months ago

congrats on top set ... I too love this movie! xok

Kate O, 9 months ago

Thank You so very much for the nice comments !! Hugs !!
Ewa Naukowicz
Niwi ~ awww, Big Hugs Vero for the vote on SOTD, you are so sweet !!
Yes !! Ms Moon is Full tonight and I will get my Hug from you both !! I will be sending a Big Hug back of course !! xoxo
Anne Irene

lemo, 9 months ago

fantastic thanks for congratulations

Ewa Naukowicz, 9 months ago

Pretty Coat

Doozer , 9 months ago

Fabulous Kate!! XXO

Doozer , 9 months ago

Fabulous Kate!! XXO

Niwi , 9 months ago

I like this movie too ! smile The set is really reminding A. Hataway's character, even without the photo... and this is another Set of the Day ! Congrats sweetie !
Check on Ms Moon next night. She's here right now and She's so big, so bright, so beautiful, and She's got a big Hug for you ! smile

Anne Irene , 9 months ago

Congrats on your fabulous Top Fasshion Set ❤

HalfMoonRun, 9 months ago

Wonderful styling and colours. Beautiful set.

peewee PV, 9 months ago

great set design

neverorever , 9 months ago


BeBeauty, 9 months ago

I absolutely agree with you, because I love this movie too smile And of course I love this set ;)

beautifulplace, 9 months ago

Wonderful look, this is my favorite style! ❤️

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