Wonderful Wintertime

collection Autumn/Winter 2018Winter, 2 years ago
by Kate O
Wonderful Wintertime - Fashion set
29 NOV 2018 ~ I Love the thought of Snow, however, it is usual for it to snow in Rocklin !!
I can dream though !!

Happy Almost the Weekend & the First of December

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haikuandkysses, 1 years ago


Kate O, 2 years ago

LOL !!! I don't think Lake Tahoe has any of those types of cabins !! Hugs !!

sandra , 2 years ago

Oh, I was thinking along the lines of Hagrids cabin in Harry Potter, my bad. That does sound a lot better smile

Kate O

Kate O, 2 years ago

sandra ~ It was a fairly large cabin & had 3 generous sized bedrooms & we did have to share rooms, plus there was a Loft that the kids slept in. It was cosy & thankfully we liked each other !! All part of the Adventure !! Hugs Sweetie !!

sandra , 2 years ago

Kate O If you say it like that it does sound more fun, but 14 people? I can imagine it was a bit cramped. I am glad you are better with winter then I am though. Oddly enough rain isn't half as much of a problem for me though, but then we do get it all year round here.

Kate O, 2 years ago

I think if you were there I could keep you occupied & entertained !! We played board/card games by candle light !! It was actually quite fun !! We knew we were safe and no one needed to go anywhere, we had done our grocery shopping the day we arrived and wanted for nothing !! After the Blizzard my Brother & I went cross-country skiing !! The County was quick in plowing the main roads, is we knew we could get out if needed. The only part of the experience was limited showers for 14 people !! We took turns when we used the generator and it had to be quick !! It was all part of the Adventure and one the Best Christmases ever !!

sandra , 2 years ago

Kate O I know what you mean, I don't need a heatwave either, but there is just something about snow and ice that ruins my mood and gives me nightmares of broken legs and frostbitten fingers. I would have lost it if I'd been in your stead in that cabin.

Kate O, 2 years ago

Thanks Sweetie !! I am the opposite, I am not a Summer person, so the Beach, Ocean even Pools are wasted on me !! Love the Winter season and I like snow, but, only if it isn't a Blizzard !! Got caught in one, but, thankfully we had the cabin to keep us warm and safe. Lost power for 4 days, so the Fireplace was the gathering spot !! =) We had a gas backup generator which we only ran when fixing meals. It was quite an adventure !!

sandra , 2 years ago

Lovely cosy combination.

Though I'll be fair I am not much of a snow person. I know weird, but there it is

Kate O, 2 years ago

Thanks Hon !!

beautifulplace, 2 years ago

Super cute look, dear! Love that pullover♥

Kate O, 2 years ago

EmJule ~ Thanks Sweetie !! And I Love all your Floral Creations, they are so Beautiful !! Fashion Sets are too bad either !! LOL !!! Happy Friday Night !!

EmJule , 2 years ago

I enjoy your sets so much.

Kate O, 2 years ago

Niwi ~ I think you are correct, Meesu would probably knock the tree off the counter !! No on purpose of course !! So, I am not going to put up my tree this year. Thanks for the Advice !! xoxo

Niwi , 2 years ago

Do you think the kitchen counter would keep the tree safe ? She would probably jump with a even worst result... smile Good luck sweetie lol !

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