Smashed Lemon

collection Autumn/Winter 2018Everyday, 5 years ago
by Kate O
Smashed Lemon - Fashion set
14 FEB 2019 ~ The dress is called Smashed Lemon, not sure why, but, I like it's Bold Graphic design !!

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Comments (18)


haikuandkysses, 5 years ago


Kate O, 5 years ago

Thanks Hon !!

sandra , 5 years ago


Kate O, 5 years ago

Thanks Sweetie !!

Niwi , 5 years ago

xoxo smile

dehti, 5 years ago

This style I love!

Kate O, 5 years ago

Niwi ~ The storm got worse after I got home !! Thanks for the small ray of sunshine you sent me, because it worked !! xoxo !!

Niwi , 5 years ago

it must have been impressing ! I know from your other set you had a little sun on your way. There's nothing like a hot tea and a good film or book when we are back at home after facing such a storm outside!
Hugs sweetie ! xoxo

Kate O, 5 years ago

Thanks Sweet Friends !!
Doozer ~ I didn't know that !! Thanks !! I do Love this dress !!

Incogneato, 5 years ago

Love the name ... love the look!

Tese, 5 years ago

Very nice!

Doozer , 5 years ago

Fabulous Sweetie!! Smashed Lemon is the brand/label , I am in love with their dresses!!! XXO

Kate O, 5 years ago

Nanni33 ~ Thanks Sweetie !!

Kate O, 5 years ago

Thanks Vero !! We are having a horrendous Storm here !! Wind is gusting up to 60 miles per hour, supposed to get Thunder and Lightening as well as rain !! I had a Dr.s appt. this morning during a break in the storm, thankfully !! Now I am home and have a Netflix Movie for tonight !!
Hope you had a great day !! Hugs !
Niwi !

Niwi , 5 years ago

Great composition Kate! Love the light and the dress pattern. Accessories are just perfect! smile

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