L'Enfant De La Lune / The Moon Child ☆

collection Autumn/Winter 2018Everyday, 2 years ago
by HalfMoonRun
L'Enfant De La Lune / The Moon Child ☆- Fashion set
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Comments (12)



haikuandkysses, 2 years ago


collagette, 2 years ago

Delightful and mysterious! Wonderful set =D

elenaviola, 2 years ago

Charming and tender!

Niwi , 2 years ago

Tellement ravissant smile

peewee PV, 2 years ago

so pretty

sandra , 2 years ago


Nanni33, 2 years ago

❤***❤ so lovley and Beautiful set

dgia, 2 years ago

Merveilleuse creation!

beautifulplace, 2 years ago

Such a lovely and delightful set, dear! ❤️ Perfectly done!!

Incogneato, 2 years ago

HalfMoonRun Hello Carole! Welcome home and I am sorry I omitted the ‘e’ in your name. I do not recall her mentioning this, but perhaps it was early days in our dialogue. Mine is July 18th! ❤️

HalfMoonRun, 2 years ago

hello Joyce Incogneato !
on behalf of my daughter who are skating right now, i thank you for your wonderful comment. this is her (alone) set.
Lili Marie's birthday is January 21 and i am pretty quite sure that she would like to know yours. ♥ carole

Incogneato, 2 years ago

Completely delightful! This reminds me, when is your birthday? This ensemble is wonderful and I can feel how the moon makes the girl feel! ❤️

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