Day Trip to the Snow !!

collection Autumn/Winter 2018Winter, 3 years ago
by Kate O
Day Trip to the Snow !!- Fashion set
28 NOV 2018 ~ I try to get to the snow every Winter. It is less than 2 hours away and the Munchkins really love it !! Hopefully before Christmas !!

Have a Great Day !!

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Comments (11)


Kate O, 2 years ago

Thanks !!

haikuandkysses, 2 years ago


Niwi , 3 years ago

xoxo smile

Kate O, 3 years ago

Niwi ~ I am being Good !! Taking Vitamin C & B complex and staying out of the weather !! Hugs my Sweet Friend !!

Niwi , 3 years ago

Aww! So please do what Dr B. says, and don't do what she doesn't want you to do! Take care of you sweetie, pretty please ! xoxoxo

Kate O, 3 years ago

Thanks so much !!
Niwi ~ I have fond memories of playing in the snow !! Would love to go this year, but. Dr. B. says no !! She has asked I not got out in the rain either !! My Labs came back and my Immune System is all screwed up so she is worried !! Darn !! =(

HalfMoonRun, 3 years ago

Charming ♥

Niwi , 3 years ago

Lovely set Kate, evoking a lot of fun in the snow smile

Kate O, 3 years ago

Hugs & Thanks !!
@peewee PV

peewee PV, 3 years ago

cozy and cute

beautifulplace, 3 years ago

Very lovely winter set! So cozy and warm heart

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