Writing on the Wall

collection ART , 2 years ago
by Niwi
Writing on the Wall- Fashion set
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Gianoula , 2 years ago

What a Wonderful idea ❀◕ ‿ ◕❀

haikuandkysses, 2 years ago

Awesome art! Love it!

Niwi , 2 years ago

Thank you Joyce ! smile
You are totally right and at some point, I have to stop and get this break. The school will close and I resume when I return.
Take good care of you too ! xoxo

Incogneato, 2 years ago

Niwi Yes I know of comparable programs here. That some students study and while apprenticing, and are able to earn a living is great!
I can imagine how much you are trying to get things done so to really enjoy time off. Whatever isn't done by Friday, will simply have to wait until the end of August! On Friday evening I'll raise a glass to celebrate your break! Take very good care .....❤️

Niwi , 2 years ago

HalfMoonRun Merci beaucoup à vous tous ! smile

Niwi , 2 years ago

Incogneato I'm working in a vocational school Joyce (not sure this is the correct translation). Pupils are between 15 and 20 and beside a standard education, they are learning and trained for their future job. Some ot them chose to be apprentice (part time at school, part time at their employer and earn a salary). I am the apprenticeship office assistant there. School is over since last Friday, for pupils and teachers. But administrative staff is still working, and for me, it is the big rush, now and when I return end of August. Last day before the break is Friday, then I'll be on a long summer break until 29th August :D

Niwi , 2 years ago

Kate O
Thank you Kate ! Yes, 2 days left till Friday evening ! ;-)
Hugs ! xoxo

peewee PV, 2 years ago


Kate O, 2 years ago

Fabulous Vero !! It's getting close to Summer Break for You !! Did I miss the rest of July and all of August ??? LOL !!
xoxo !!

HalfMoonRun, 2 years ago

Beautifully creative piece of art. We all LOVE it.

Incogneato, 2 years ago

Wonderful, and this woman appears very satisfied! Did I read you were finishing a school term, Vero? Are you a teacher or student (or both?) I see you added a bit of snow overlay ... is this to cool things down? We finally were blessed with a significant amount of rain with more forecasted in the next while. I feel much calmer because along with drought, we have suffered forest fires in these last several summers. I find this so distressing, and it is mostly human caused (either from climate change or carelessness.) The plants and creatures certainly did not cause it, yet they suffer the most. Hope you have a great summer! ❤️

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