Street of Dreams

collection ART , 3 years ago
by Niwi
Street of Dreams- Fashion set
For Ette :)
I used this street image in one of my last sets for you on PV. I think it was the "street of magic".
Hope you like this one :)

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Comments (16)


haikuandkysses, 3 years ago


Ellen Norton, 3 years ago

I've always loved those pastel houses. Glad you are still creating here. I keep thinking I'll leave, but knowing all our friends are here keeps me here.

VeneziaDea , 3 years ago


Incogneato, 3 years ago


Lottie Farren, 3 years ago

beautifully done

lastchance , 3 years ago

Really beautiful darlin' :D x

Suburbhater , 3 years ago

Love this - hope we have collections we can store things in again one day too!

heartsongs , 3 years ago

so well done, very pretty!

Kate O, 3 years ago

Such a Lovely Gift Set for Ette !! I missing able to put my sets in my own collections too !!
Hugs Vero !!

Etteniotna, 3 years ago

PS, I wish I could put it in a special collection, but I saved it anyway (just in case...) smile))

Etteniotna, 3 years ago

I love it Véronique and YES, I remember very well the "street of magic"!
thank you, this is wonderful!

beautifulplace, 3 years ago


Marina Dusanic, 3 years ago


sharee64, 3 years ago


zaplily , 3 years ago

so gorgeous

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