I Kissed A Vampire

collection Art CollectionArt, 10 months ago
by beleev
I Kissed A Vampire- Fashion set
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haikuandkysses, 9 months ago


beleev , 10 months ago

hehe....Just for laughs Dear HalfMoonRun ....Thanks for the fun words !!!!! I am just being silly : )) xo

HalfMoonRun, 10 months ago

Halloween inspires you and your sets are very inspired and inspiring.
The idea of kissing a vampire seems to us an interesting experience, probably also a very sensual experience ... ; )

beleev , 10 months ago

Haha !!!!! Thanks Dear Kate O !!!! xoxo

Kate O, 10 months ago

Fantastic and I hope that's all you did !! LOL !!!

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