Yidarton Hat - Yidarton Women's Summer UPF50 Foldable Straw Wide Brim Bucket Fedora Sun Beach Hat


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MATERIAL: Soft straw fabric,it very convenient to foldable and packable in you bag for travel.
SIZE:One size fit all most women. UPF 50 Sun Protection. Please Do Not Machine Wash or Brush Wash.
Tightly woven for the quality and durability; Breathable and helps keep you cool in the sun; Shade your face and the back of your neck, Bring you unprecedented feelings and beauty.
FOLDABLE:High quality materials and craftsmanship, lovely and beautiful floppy brim can be worn folded up or down in various cute styles while still maintaining its shape,also it can be easily carried inside your handbag or beach tote, PACKABLE and Super convenient to carry and Absolutely save lots of space.
OCCASION: A wonderful hat for wearing while gardening, at the beach, pool, park, camping, hiking, church functions, race day events, even out in your own back yard Or any outdoor activities. Dress up with this elegant floppy Hat,let's go out for fun.

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Yidarton Hat - Yidarton Women's Summer UPF50 Foldable Straw Wide Brim Bucket Fedora Sun Beach Hat - Comments (0)

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