Mystery Woman

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von Kate O
Mystery Woman - Modekombination
27 FEB 2019 ~ Would love to be a Mystery Woman at an Elegant Party !! Oh, the question swirling around my presence; who is she, is she a guest, is a she wealthy eccentric or an actress playing a part !!
What Fun !!

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haikuandkysses, vor 2 jahrevor


Kate O, vor 2 jahrevor

Yes, it was Fun and No, I was never arrested !! LOL !!

Incogneato, vor 2 jahrevor

Sounds wild ... but you avoided arrest I hope!!

Kate O, vor 2 jahrevor

Except for the getting arrested part, it would be fun to attend and then slip away leaving the other guests wondering who I was !! I actually did something similar on Halloween one year. I dressed up as a Lion, had my face painted & didn't talk the whole evening !! The Peeps at the party were going crazy, wondering who the Lion was !! They were all talking about me ( not knowing it really was me) at work a few days later !! I finally told them and they went nuts !! It was Fun !!

Incogneato, vor 2 jahrevor

Delightful! I can imagine you doing this!

Kate O, vor 2 jahrevor

Thank You to my 2 French Friends !!
HalfMoonRun ~ Hugs Lili Marie !!
Niwi ~ I wasn't going for the Venice Carnival theme, but, it did kind of turn out that way !! heart Hugs !!

HalfMoonRun, vor 2 jahrevor

Des tissus, des motifs et des couleurs riches que j'aime vraiment. Tout pour une "grande soirée" avec une jolie touche de mystère. - Fabrics, patterns and rich colors that I really like. Everything for a "grande soirée" with a pretty touch of mystery. ☆ xoxo

Niwi , vor 2 jahrevor

Sounds like fun indeed Mysterious Kate smile Beautiful combo set, love the Venice carnival touch!

Kate O, vor 2 jahrevor

Thank You Lovely Ladies !!

Michelle858 ~ =D

Misshonee, vor 2 jahrevor

This is so beautiful! I absolutely Love It!❤❤❤

beautifulplace, vor 2 jahrevor

This would be a perfect outfit!! Gorgeous set, sweetie! heart

collagette, vor 2 jahrevor

So fabulous! =D

Michelle858, vor 2 jahrevor

ROFL ! :D heart

Kate O, vor 2 jahrevor

Thanks Michelle !! I would probably get arrested, so maybe it isn't a good idea !! LOL !!

Michelle858, vor 2 jahrevor

Outstanding ! Yes, that would be fun !

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