Karl Lagerfeld & Choupette

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von Kate O
Karl Lagerfeld & Choupette - Modekombination
21 FEB 2019 ~ I Love this Vintage dress from Karl Lagerfeld.
He loved his Kitty Choupette and she will be taken care of in the lavish style she is used to !!

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haikuandkysses, vor 2 jahrevor


sandra , vor 2 jahrevor

Kate O I am not surprised your father didn't share much. My grandfather grew up in what was supposed to be a relatively "quiet" town. It was not nearly as quiet enough as it should have been. That is what you get with billeting and rationing and not being allowed to speak your mind. Stuff happens, lives are lost for one thing. It was no doubt even worse in combat areas of course. I would be more surprised if he spoke of it often.

Kate O, vor 2 jahrevor

sandra ~ You definitely should feel blessed to have your Grandfather for as long as you did. !! I am a post war baby (47') and never experienced WWII. My Dad was in Italy (Po Valley) during his tour. I could barely get him to talk about the war and the few stories he shared were interesting and a bit scary, but I know that there were many others that he just could not relive.
Meesu is a female and no matter when she was born is still a talkative Diva !! =D

sandra , vor 2 jahrevor

Kate O if his date of birth is 25th of March we are talking Aries and even if astrology is not an exact science (to say the least) they are all fierce and bold and on average pretty wonderful.

Speaking of another Aries (my grandfather) having him around has been a life's joy. And my good fortune. I helped me at a time when few others could and I will be forever grateful for it. And he was a child during WWII. He saw death and he knew it would happen. Of course he did, he could accept it and would expect me to do the same. So I must and regardless, I'll carry him with me all the same.

Kate O, vor 2 jahrevor

Thanks ever so much !!
Niwi ~ (( Hugs ))

Nanni33, vor 2 jahrevor


Niwi , vor 2 jahrevor

Beautiful tribute Kate ♥

Kate O, vor 2 jahrevor

Thank You Sandra !! My Kit is a rescue and I don't actually know when she was born. The SPCA has her birth date as March 25, 2015 and was 3 years old when she arrived at the facility and I have only had her since April 7, 2018. Meesu is a Calico/Siamese mix with blue eyes and markings of both parents and she is a total DIVA !! Very rambunctious, very vocal and very Pretty !!

Sadly, I lost my Maternal Grandfather when I was 2 and I only have vague memories of him. My Paternal Grandfather was never around since he and my Grandmother divorced before I was born. You are definitely Blessed in having your Grandfather in your life !! Cherish the memories !! Hugs & have a great Friday !!

sandra , vor 2 jahrevor

stunning, my own cat is only two days older then choupette and I am sure that in his mind he is equally high maintenance. It is to be expected though isn't it with a cat born under the starsign of Leo. I know mine often has delusions of grandeur smile

Anyway, thanks again for what you said yesterday, it was much appreciated. I was lucky to have him.

Kate O, vor 2 jahrevor

Thank You All for the nice comments !! Choupette will be very well taken care of until she is with Karl again !!

Incogneato, vor 2 jahrevor

So gorgeous. Choupette should not fret!

HalfMoonRun, vor 2 jahrevor

C'est en effet une bien belle robe. Et Choupette, maintenant en deuil, est toujours aussi adorable. - It's indeed a very beautiful dress. And Choupette, now in mourning, is always so adorable. ☆

Michelle858, vor 2 jahrevor

Aww, such a wonderful tribute set. heart I love the dress and kitty is beautiful smile

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