Fashion Rhythm: Winners


Dear trendMe users,
After three long days since we’ve announced all finalists, our jury has made a decision! We have chosen the best HTC Fashion Rhythm set!    
We know that for some of you this was maybe a logic and obvious decision, but believe us there were more than 30 beautiful sets that deserve some kind of reward. You have listened and you have seen with the ears and the eyes of the HTC Rhyme beauty and that is why you are the best. You have used fashion and music atmosphere to help you highlight fashion lines which makes your sets the real art work of this contest.
Nevertheless, among all others, there was one beautiful set which has succeeded to left us speechless. It succeeded to fulfil all written criteria and achieve even more.
We want to congratulate to winner and to all other Contest participants!
In next few days we will contact the winner and arrange a reward winning ceremony.




Three Finalists


1. Moment 4 life - author: Sanja Blažević

2. Vodi me kroz noć uz HTC - author: Morena podrug-pavić

3. Madama butterfly... - author: Angelaa


About the winning combination



Fashion Rhythm wrapped in HTC Rhyme beautiful features and lines finds its notes in one specific fashion and art host! This colourful host is situated and presented in one beautiful set. This set is created by the user Sanja Blažević and carries the name Moment 4 life.
Even the main player of this contest was HTC Rhyme mobile phone, Sanja Blažević managed to describe its elegant design and powerful performance by referring sets attention to be led around the garment or the outfit.
HTC Rhyme spirit and the Fashion Rhythm in the winner set is achieved because the lines, shapes, colours, textures, or patterns in clothing and accessories are arranged to lead the viewer’s eye easily from one part of the garment to another, making us feel the real fashion, artistic and music flow.
Repetition of line, shape, color, texture, or pattern within the design as well as its gradual change are showing us carefully defined plan to create one unique work composed of all necessary elements. The degree of change is small but effective presenting modesty from one and pride from the other side of this fine fashion and art work.
Sanja has created a set in which you are seeing fashion but you are hearing the music, you are hearing the colors, you are feeling the motion and the passion. The winner set has a clear and continuous line movement created by a line of shapes, colors, or textural trims. It has everything what is necessary to feel real Fashion Rhythm!
That is way this set is the best!
Once again, we won’t to congratulate to Sanja and to all other contest participants on remarkable work and creativity!
Other finalists of "Fashion Rhythm" contest can be seen here.

Photos from the award ceremony




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