Business Fashion: 30 finalists



Dear trendMe users,
After selecting all 30 finalists we are now ready for business. We look good and we are feeling great! Why? Because you guys, make our work days pleasant for eye and our fashion soul.
Before we have seen your beautiful sets we couldn’t believe that business fashion can be so relax and so beautiful. You managed to mix patterns and items which we have never been seen and never been worn. Thanks to you, business stress is now something which can be hidden under your beautiful business dresses and business outfits. 
Now, it is on you to make this creativity a reality. It is time for you to show as how these sets are really worn.
We want to congratulate to all finalists and great work and all other participants we wish better luck in next fashion contest.
We will announce the winners in the next couple of days. girl
Simple girl
author: Tify Monday
4 Monday
author: NeLLe
author: Elena Ekkah
author: Tamara Z

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