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  • Young talent for ICB fashion collection Young talent for ICB fashion collection
    5 years ago
    Onward Kashiyama Co. Ltd. has plans to relaunch the ICB collection in the U.S. and Europe, and it has zeroed in a hot young New York talent. more
  • 60 Years of Max Mara Fashion 60 Years of Max Mara Fashion
    6 years ago
    The temperatures across Europe dropped last week from Indian summer to shivering winter, just as Max Mara, coat-maker par excellence, celebrated its 60 years in style. more
  • Back to School Fashion Back to School Fashion
    6 years ago
    At New York Fashion Week, particularly with the September shows, there is always a slight back-to-school feeling whenever all the editors and retailers reconvene, as they did this morning in Lincoln Center, in all their latest finery. more
  • Summer Fashion Scouting Summer Fashion Scouting
    6 years ago
    On Sept. 8, designers will be at their posts, just as they were this time last year, and you can go through the madness all over again. more
  • Will This Get Me In New York Clubs Will This Get Me In New York Clubs
    6 years ago
    Dress codes have long been the secret language of New York City night life; fluency can mean the difference between an epic night out and a humiliating kick to the curb. more
  • Fashion Exposed finalists Fashion Exposed finalists
    6 years ago
    Twelve budding fashion and accessory designers from across the country will sit before a panel of industry professionals with a view to winning a lucrative prize package more
  • Karl Lagerfeld Karl Lagerfeld
    6 years ago
    KARL LAGERFELD always maintained that his childhood was different from other little boys’. He read “Buddenbrooks,” all 243,000 words of it, when he was 8 and told his mother he should have a valet. She told little Karl he talked too much. more
  • Men in skirts or men in suits? Men in skirts or men in suits?
    6 years ago
    The question seems to have been in debate at least since the androgynous 1980s. Out pop the same challenges every menswear season. more
  • Fashion fairy tale or much more? Fashion fairy tale or much more?
    6 years ago
    Natalia Vodianova’s life is not quite the fairy tale that fashion myth suggests. more
  • Queen Collection Queen Collection
    6 years ago
    Queen Latifah, winner of Grammy, Golden Globe and SAG awards, has partnered with leading multichannel retailer HSN more
  • Jon-Jon Goulian Jon-Jon Goulian
    6 years ago
    Jon-Jon Goulian receives a kiss and a signed book from the writer Lila Azam Zanganeh at Idlewild Books in Manhattan. more
  • Everything is Pierre Cardin Everything is Pierre Cardin
    6 years ago
    P.Cardin is selling up. But his brand is immortal. more
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