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- We have introduced new trendMe user Profile functionalities
- Portal is available in Japanese language


- Portal is available in Russian language
- Portal is available in Slovenian language
- Portal is available in Serbian language
- We've implemented the option to rotate the item and photos in Dressing room
- The central place for combination creation in Dressing room is no longer limited by the edge (Picture may emerge from the edge)
- We've introduced new trendMe fashion column by the name Style&Coffee
- We've implemented an option to add youtube audio in users combination by adding youtube link in combination description as well as youtube video by adding link in users status
- We've implemented a new friends feed
- Portal is available in Italian language
- We've introduced the notifications
- Portal is available in German language
- We have added the time when user has updated his status
- The combination can be modified within 24 hours.  After 24 hours from the time when the combination was created combinations can’t be modified
- The Combination groups were introduced (while saving the combination and  within all combinations overview)
- Points corrected
- Combinations can evaluate only the users with level 5 and higher
- We have added the option “Create a combination with a fashion item” on the page “Articles details”
- We have added the feedback names (rating name) on the articles
- We have added the login entry system for trendMe Contest when saving  the combinations in the “Dressing room” and when editing the combination
- On See all combination page we have added the filter to view combinations according to trendMe Contest (can be combined with Links: Top combinations, Most Viewed combination)
- On the page “Combination details” in the right column we’ve added the review of the combinations with the same graphic elements (min. 2 equal graphic elements)
- We have added the option “Create Template” in the “Dressing room”
- We have added a link by the combination votes  that shows users who have evaluated the combination (without showing the voting rates)
- Only users with a level 6 + can be evaluated combinations
- Click on the combination picture in combination details shows  an larger combinations photo (zoom)
- We have added the option “Trim” when editing new item/ images. If “Trim” option is ON it cuts the unnecessary blank space from the edge of the image to the photo subject. With photos which don’t have blank space it is best to turn off the “Trim” option (such as background photos).

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