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trendMe style Casual  |  Lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina  |  Birthday: 04.08.1987
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casual... Promocija


from collection casual...
2 years ago (2 ♥)

crvena987 Sets per group

Picnic miss vogue♥

miss vogue♥

from collection piknik...
2 years ago (16 ♥)

Wedding glamurozna svadba...

glamurozna svadba...

from collection svadba...
2 years ago (23 ♥)

Farm ¸jedan dan u prirodi...

¸jedan dan u prirodi...

from collection farma...
2 years ago (19 ♥)

Interior design mala ružičasta soba...

mala ružičasta soba...

from collection uređivanje interijera...
2 years ago (15 ♥)

School ljubav u školskim klupama ♥

ljubav u školskim klupama ♥

from collection škola...
2 years ago (16 ♥)

Rock have fun with it...

have fun with it...

from collection rock...
2 years ago (20 ♥)

crvena987 Sets

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Black and White crno-bijeli kompas...

crno-bijeli kompas...

from collection crno i bijelo...
2 years ago (13 ♥)

Picnic miss vogue♥

miss vogue♥

from collection piknik...
2 years ago (16 ♥)

Boys Night Out beautiful things:)

beautiful things:)

from collection izlazak s dečkima...
2 years ago (16 ♥)

Beach na plažu...a gdje drugo:)

na plažu...a gdje drugo:)

from collection plaža...
2 years ago (13 ♥)

Theatre/Opera ne zaboravi pogledati još jednu prestavu...

ne zaboravi pogledati još jednu prestavu...

from collection kazalište/opera
2 years ago (12 ♥)

White riječi u bojama♥

riječi u bojama♥

from collection bijelo...
2 years ago (14 ♥)

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