Prom dresses 2012


It used to be that proms were a strictly guy-girl affair. You attended the year-end gala with either your boyfriend, your guy friend or the boy you asked. With the traditional prom rules having been changed, clearly you can have a dreamy prom night without the guy-girl combination.
Because there is no pressure from a date to be all perfect some consider going dateless or with someone they'd be comfortable with and enjoy being around. 
One can always use an extra word of advice one it comes to prom because there are so many things going on, especially for girls. It's not only about finding the right dress; equal attention should be given to makeup, hairstyle and accessorizing, so it is the overall style that should be taken into consideration.
One of the mistakes is overdoing your makeup; very loud makeup actually makes you look much older and unnatural-so imagine yourself in ten years' time looking at your prom night photos - what would you like to see - a stressful, tight-up or relaxed fun-having person?
Whenever in a doubt use this bigger picture tool, or broader perspective, because it can really be one of the most precious memories you'll carry with you. It is a certain rite of passage-leaving high school behind and heading forward into adulthood. 
This year there are all kinds of trends for prom dress styles, from trendy and fashionable to simply elegant classic formal dresses; strapless gowns with beaded details and tiered ruffle skirt, sexy sleak dresses with little fabric detail that outline the silhouette of your body and flirty short dresses with richly beaded bodice tops. 
But yes, it seems that this year the short dresses are going to be the style that girls are most likely going to wear; these dresses are going to be cute and flirty, and there will be a lot of great options for strapless and much more. 
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