How to wear a Striped Knit Polo Shirt!

collection WorkwearWork, 4 weeks ago
by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Striped Knit Polo Shirt!- Fashion set
Heads will be turning in 3...2...1... Wear this Stella Jean Shirt which is forest-green/white/yellow in colour, made of cotton, has a polo collar and front button fastening. Pair it with a Brandon Maxwell denim jeans. Accessorise with Gucci pumps, by FAR handbag and matching jewellery.

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Comments (5)


DiscoMermaid , 4 weeks ago

Thanks, Renita !

Renita , 4 weeks ago

So cute!

DiscoMermaid , 4 weeks ago

Thanks, justmetwo , Anne Irene !

Anne Irene , 4 weeks ago

Awesome !!! ❤️

justmetwo, 4 weeks ago

Fabulous ♥

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