How to wear a Co-Ord Linen Oversized Pajama Set!

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by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Co-Ord Linen Oversized Pajama Set!- Fashion set
Stay relaxed in this H & M long nightshirt in washed linen with a collar and buttons down the front to the hem. Yoke with a pleat at the back, dropped shoulders and long sleeves, an open chest pocket and a rounded hem. Pair it with a matching pajama bottoms and sweater. Accessorise with beige flats.

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Comments (4)


DiscoMermaid , 1 month ago

Thanks, MarinaSyd

MarinaSyd, 1 month ago

I like the beige color scheme. Very stylish set!

DiscoMermaid , 1 month ago

Thanks, justmetwo !

justmetwo, 1 month ago

Fabulous ♥

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