How to wear a Co-ord Geometric Print Set!

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by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Co-ord Geometric Print Set!- Fashion set
You don't do basic. Even your wardrobe essentials have a little extra flair. Like this jumper from Emilio Pucci, with a geometric-insert, it's not your average winter knit. Pair it with matching pants and a lenki lenki puffer coat. Accessorise with Marc Jacobs boots, an Emilio Pucci mini bag, and matching jewelry.

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Comments (8)


DiscoMermaid , 3 weeks ago

Thanks, Michelle858 !

Michelle858, 3 weeks ago

I adore that pink puffer coat and the boots are outstanding. You never disappoint ! Excellent outfit ! ! !

DiscoMermaid , 4 weeks ago

Thanks, peewee PV !

peewee PV, 4 weeks ago

spunky fun

DiscoMermaid , 4 weeks ago

Thanks, Enchanticals !

Enchanticals , 4 weeks ago

So pretty

DiscoMermaid , 4 weeks ago

Thanks, Helenelle !

Helenelle, 4 weeks ago


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