How to wear a Floral Print Maxi Wrap Design Dress!

collection Floral OutfitsEveryday, 6 days ago
by DiscoMermaid
How to wear a Floral Print Maxi Wrap Design Dress!- Fashion set
A full maxi-length dress, which combines an elegant length, an eye-catching wrap design, and a stunning floral pattern. Long flowing sleeves and a classic V-neck. Pair it with a brown knitted cardigan. Accessorise with brown flats and an orange knit scarf.

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Comments (7)


beautifulplace, 4 days ago

Lovely outfit, sweetie heart

DiscoMermaid , 5 days ago

Thanks, lemo , BeBeauty and Kate O !

Kate O, 5 days ago

Charming and Comfy Look !!

BeBeauty, 6 days ago

fantastic ♥♥

lemo, 6 days ago

chic, heartheartheartthank you very ,much for heart my dear GREETINGS!

DiscoMermaid , 6 days ago

Thanks, Michelle858 !

Michelle858, 6 days ago

So darn comfortable - I could wear it right now ! ! !

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