Paciotti Boots


The same applies to footwear; Italian shoes are the epitome of style and elegance. Cesare Paciotti, a luxury Italian footwear company, is one of those brands that are always present in the fashion world while staying truthful to its high standards and original values regardless of the latest trends.  And we all know that fad is only for a season, while style is forever.
Paciotti boots have that subtle touch of classic elegance accompanied with high quality, something that only real fashion lovers can appreciate in its fullness. But the thing is - you can hardly make a fashion mistake when wearing Paciotti boots, because in a way they are a fashion statement by itself. 
Everyone likes to dress up and go for a night out, never mind if it's clubbing with your friends, visiting art galleries or enjoying a romantic evening in a restaurant with your loved one. On all of these occasions we interact with other people and it's natural that we want to feel special -so we try and look as special as we can.
This is where the purpose of Paciotti boots comes in its full glory and is a reason why they have become a favourite pick for many women.
Paciotti boots come in variety of types and styles, from those we could describe as classy or timeless to ones that are more daring and with edgier design. However, wearing Paciotti boots is like to wear - and that is not an overstatement - a real piece of art, that is how breathtaking they are. 
Indeed, take a closer look and you'll be lost in a world of detailed, careful design and authentic leather materials like no other.
There are several models that caught our eyes and which aren't going to lose its popularity in the upcoming seasons. 
Let's start with classy-looking knee-high suede Paciotti boots in mesmerizing musk colour with a 12-cm-high heel; Cesare Paciotti dagger logo is beautifully inserted on the outer side of the ankle strap.
Then we have Paciotti boots in grey with an interesting python skin pattern; also knee-high, they feature two buckled straps, an almond toe and thin high heel with a concealed platform sole.
We have to mention tigh-high Paciotti boots that apart from being a hit this season are also really great for winter, as they provide a great coverage to the leg. In this category it's hard to single out one model, as they range from over-the-top sexy and wild to simple and very elegant black ones.
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