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Montse Gallardo

trendMe style Casual  |  Lives in Spain  |  Birthday: 03.08.1964
Registered 2 weeks ago
Hi former Polyvorers and TrendMe members; I was Montse Gallardo in Polyvore, and now I'm creating here in TrendMe. If we were connected in...
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Beach Collecting Seashells

Collecting Seashells

collection Fashion Basics
2 h ago (18 ♥)

Fashion and vehicles Happiness in bright colors

Happiness in bright colors

collection Spring/Summer 2018
2 days ago (17 ♥)

Everyday The best is yet to come

The best is yet to come

collection Spring/Summer 2018
4 days ago (17 ♥)

Summer Make this Moment Count

Make this Moment Count

collection Spring/Summer 2018
5 days ago (30 ♥)

Art My First Doll

My First Doll

collection Art sets
5 days ago (11 ♥)

Fantasy My TrendMe Icon

My TrendMe Icon

collection Art sets
6 days ago (7 ♥)

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