Business Fashion: Winners


Dear trendMe users,
Today is the day when we are ready to announce together with fashion school Profokus which business fashion set is the best.
We are really proud of your ability to adapt to any set up contest criteria. Your creativity and imagination is at so high level that you are able to transfer your fashion sense and fashion creativity in just one day.
In these 14 days you really outdid yourselves. You have created such business sets that will be forever remembered. Sets that will remain a role model for many generations while choosing the right business combination.
In each of selected set every real business girl can impress who ever she won't. With your great business sets the fashion is each business girl a secret weapon with which she can achieve any goal!
That is why we want to congratulate you all from the bottom of our hearts! We will never get enough of your creativity!
Also, we want to congratulate to all other Contest participants who make our job in selecting the finalists and the winner quite difficult!
In next few days we will contact the winner and arrange a reward winning ceremony.




Three Finalists


1. 4 Monday - author: NeLLe

2. blank - author: Elena Ekkah

3. path to success - author: sandra24


About the winning combination


This time we will use simple words to describe the winners set. Why? Because the creative business simplicity brought by personal and consistent touch which can be recognized in NeLLe’s unique style has made this business sets really special and beautiful. This set really has it all. It has all relevant items which create classic and special business approach as well as “trendy” colours and elements which can highlight it from the mass of other beautiful sets.


Wavy lines in NeLLe’s carefully chosen skirt breaks the monotony of taught business world giving the statement that she is ready to show the world that she is special and unique in one way and that she also appreciate the business culture in the other. Simple white shirt is enriched with really nice and trendy black suit which gives this set complete whole creating the business place a fun and stress free environment.


The ambient of the set which is created with numerous of carefully chosen graphical elements is in one way presenting the old school and in the other way current and future time. Pattern and elements mix which creates really interesting color palette in line white business like story is sending us the message of timeless fashion style which never fades away. Because of everything which we have just said we believe, even more, we are sure that this fashion set made by user NeLLe is the one which deserves this Contest prize.


Once again, we won’t to congratulate to NeLLe and to all other contest participants on remarkable work and creativity!


Other finalists of "Business Fashion" contest can be seen here.



Photos from the award ceremony


Check the complete trendMe and Di Caprio award handover. 



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